Dementia Friendly Ilkley Action

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We are a small group of local people who want Ilkley to become a Dementia Friendly Community in which people living with dementia and their carers feel happy to be a part of, know they can access the support they need and participate in activities which are meaningful to them, as long as possible. We aim to reduce the stigma and raise understanding of dementia through awareness raising activities, such as Dementia Friends sessions, and try to reduce the fear surrounding dementia so more people living with dementia are diagnosed earlier so they can receive the support they need and improve the quality of their lives.


1.  How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We are raising awareness by holding Dementia Friends session, delivering them monthly to the general public and throughout the community, including schools, community groups and GP practices.  

We are working with businesses and organisations to become dementia friendly by offering Dementia Friends sessions, and supporting them to write action plans so they can join Bradford DAA.

We are building partnerships with Ilkley Parish Council, local Council  services, Area Office and with support organisations like the Alzheimer’s Society and Carer’s resource to make sure those living with dementia are supported and know where to find information

We have created a website and using social media to increase awareness of dementia and the work we are doing.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

    Our challenge is to keep the momentum going and continue the work we are doing raising awareness, sessions with a small group of people  and 2  main Dementia friends Champions offering sessions

 Making sure that the community know where to look for support and information about dementia when it is needed

  How can you overcome these challenges?

We need to continue to promote our group and recruit new volunteers from different part of the community. As we deliver Dementia Friends sessions we need to ask for others to train as Champions and larger businesses to encourage their staff to train to become champions and then we can also use them to deliver sessions to other businesses/community as part of their work in the community