During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the current state of affairs where physical meetings are limited, if you need to get in touch for help coping with Dementia within Ilkley, please contact us via email or on our mobile number (07936 446097) via text in the first instance.



Become a dementia friendly business

Businesses and Alzheimer’s

A lot of businesses have employees whose family-member has Alzheimer’s. Though the employee might have that “perfect job”, their work may suffer in their private life if caring for someone living with Dementia.

Therefore, if businesses become more “dementia-friendly” and consider how Dementia affects everyone, Ilkley will become a more accepting town for people living with dementia. Businesses that have made allowances for Alzheimer’s should be - and are - applauded, but we ask them to take into account anyone who lives with someone living with any dementia-related conditions: can you do more, or be more accommodating?


2021 Dementia Friends Carers Group sessions in Ilkley

To book a place you may phone 07936 446097,

We also have a closed Facebook page, if you would like to join us.
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https://www.facebook.com/groups/558633381525288/ )

4.1.2021 Monday 4pm

19.1.2021 Tuesday 6pm

6.2.2021 Saturday 10am

1.3.2021 Monday 6pm

17.3.2021 Wednesday 4pm

3.4.2021 Saturday 1pm

26.4.2021 Monday 6pm

12.5.2021 Wednesday 4pm

29.6.2021 Saturday 10am

14.6.2021 Monday 6pm

7.7.2021 Wednesday 4pm

24.7.2021 Saturday 1pm

16.8.2021 Monday 6pm

1.9.2021 Wednesday 4pm

17.9.2021 Sunday 10am

11.10.2021 Monday 6pm

27.10.2021 Wednesday 4pm

13.11.2021 Saturday 1pm